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Open-Road Cycles Pricing LisT

  Parts Prices              
  Oils                           Cost    
  AMSOIL  20-50  &  10/40  Synthetic     $13.95  qt  
  AMSOIL 75W90 Severe Gear Synthetic     $14.75  qt  
  HD Syn 3         $14.25  qt  
  HD non-synthetic 20-50       $8.95  qt  
  HD Formula+ Primary Oil       $9.95  qt  
  Oil Filters              
  AMSOIL EA         $16.95  ea  
  HD         $16.45  ea  
  Oil Change Gasket Kit       $15.50 ea  
  Specials       (expires  30 Jun 15)          
  Oil Service and Safety Inspection Special  


                 $185.00 complete        


                 $155.00 complete

  Battery Tender Jr.
Oil change (engine, primary, & tranny)
  plus parts
  Service Rates              
  Service Maintenance (25K & 50K additional)  



1K/5K/15K/35K Mile Service Maintenance



  plus parts



10K/20K/30K/40K Mile Service Maintenance



  plus parts

  Oil Change        


  Oil Change         $20.00   plus parts  
  Primary Oil Change       $20.00   plus parts  
  Transmission Oil Change       $20.00   plus parts  
  Oil, primary, and transmission oil change   $39.99   plus parts  
  Tire Change and Balance   (price may  vary based  on model)


  Front   (off bike)     $25.00   plus tire  
  Rear   (off bike)     $25.00   plus tire  
  Both   (off bike)     $41.25   plus tire  
  Front   (on bike)     $39.99   plus tire  
  Rear   (on bike)     $59.99   plus tire  
  Both   (on bike)     $99.99   plus tire  
  Brakes  (price may vary based on model)  


  Full Brake Service (Pads, flush, inspection)   $70.00   plus parts  
  Replace Front pads (1 set)   $25.00   plus parts  
  Replace Front Pads (2 sets)     $35.00   plus parts  
  Replace Rear Pads   (prices vary based model)   $30.00   plus parts  
  Replace Front & Rear Pads     $55.00   plus parts  

                                   Fuel surcharge of $1.00 per mile (one-way only) added to each service call.

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